Re-Make Your Down or Feather Duvet And Keep It Hygienically Clean

Re-use the filling from your old, worn-out or stained down/feather items and have us re-make them in fresh, new down-proof fabric.  We can even make 2 summer duvets out of 1 winter duvet.

Hand filling a pure down pillow

Old stained duvets and pillows?
Washing down duvets can be tricky to get right.  And it uses a lot of power and water.  For better hygiene and longevity of the filling, we recommend removing the precious down and re-casing it in a fresh, new, dust mite resistant fabric.

Duvet not warm enough? Pillow flat?

Over time duvets can lose their warmth and pillows can flatten. We give them a new lease on life by re-casing the existing filling in our 100% cotton, 230 thread count, down-proof fabric.

Duvet too small?

We resize any duvet; adding on extra length to match a longer bed; a wider duvet to better cover 2 sleepers or for a luxurious overhang.

Dirty Pillows Are The Perfect Home For Dust Mites

If not properly cared for, duvets and especially pillows, will gradually accumulate tiny bugs, dead skin cells, and dust mites and their feces. These unwelcome bedfellows can make up as much as a third of an old pillows weight, according to the Sleep Council of the UK.

To keep your bedding hygienically clean, we recommend re-casing pillows every 1-2 years, and duvets every 7-10 years. This is both more effective and eco-friendly than washing. Spot cleaning at home is fine but, to wash a bulky duvet you need an industrial sized washing machine and the required expertise to clean the feathers and down without damaging them.  You also need to use lots of water for multiple rinsing cycles.

An old unhygienic duvet

SleepCo Duvet Re-Makes

An old duvet remade with a new cotton casing
Using filling taken from your donor items;
BABY90x110R 700
SINGLE Re-Make130x200R 1,450
THREE/QUARTER Re-Make150x200R 1,650
DOUBLE Re-Make200x200R 1,850
QUEEN Re-Make230x200R 2,250
KING Re-Make230x220R 2,550
SUPER KING Re-Make250x230R 2,700
XX SUPER KING Re-Make260x240R 2,900
To add an additional 100 grams pure Goose down:R 300
For an extra 100 grams down/feather mix:R 180
Using filling taken from your donor items;
STANDARD Re-Make45x68R 350
KING Re-Make50x90R 650
TRAVEL Re-Make32x45R 250
PEANUT Re-Make30x17R 280
BOLSTER, SML Re-Make40x15R 250
BABY Re-Make30x40R 195
To add an additional 100 grams pure Goose down:R 300
For an extra 100 grams down/feather mix:R 180

SleepCo Pillow Re-Makes

An old stained pillow remade in a new cotton casing