The finest handcrafted pure down duvets and pillows for the ultimate sleep experience

Since 1981

SleepCo has been turning bedrooms into sanctuaries of peaceful sleep since 1981.  Experience blissful, rejuvenating sleep with our pure down and down/feather duvets, pillows, cushions, and scatters.  You won’t want to get out of your snug and warm bed. 


Pure down is nature’s perfect material for down inserts, keeping you snug and warm.  Unlike synthetic fillings which make you perspire, down has the unique ability to “breathe” while keeping you warm.   Browse our high quality, handmade duvets and choose by size and season.

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Sleeping woman with pillow


Down pillows give the perfect balance between softness and support.  Find your ideal pillow in our range by choosing your preferred size and firmness.

Baby bedding

Only the best all-natural materials are used in our baby bedding range to cocoon the little ones.  Choose from our baby bedding range by age/size and warmth level.  Looking for something special?  Contact us to help make your baby’s dreams come true.

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Handful pure down


Properly cared for, pure down will keep for generations to come.  We can re-make your old down/feather bedding into a set of pillows or a beautiful duvet or whatever you require.  It is better to re-make a heavily stained down duvet and pillow than to wash it.


A bedroom sanctuary does not need to be boring; it should both appeal to and soothe the senses – touch, sight, smell, sound. Let us help you create the kind of room you would want to escape to.

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